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About Humanist Memorials

Humanist funeral and memorial services aim to highlight the life, accomplishments and personality of the deceased. They are secular tributes that demonstrate the influence & meaning that the deceased has had on people and the surrounding world.

Many people are too stricken with grief to stand up in front of others and speak at a funeral or memorial service. I can help by leading the way. I am trained, and have performed various kinds of funeral services that memorialize a loved one, from a large, formal funeral with a graveside committal to a private scattering of ashes.

Since humanist services are non-religious in nature, there is room for creativity and personalization. Consider having a slide show, music medley, table of memorable objects, certificates, framed photos, etc. to honour your loved one. Include a poetry reading or candle-lighting ritual to pay respect to the person’s life. Feel free to learn about each type of ceremony by reaching out to me. I am here to help.

End of life visits are also available. Please contact me at 416-731-1958.

Among the locations where I have conducted services are: Mount Pleasant Cemetery, North York Visitation Centre, Parklawn Cemetery, Fairlawn Cemetery, Madsen’s Greenhouse Banquet Hall and Chapel.

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I’m so glad you found me. I hope I can assist you in preparing a meaningful memorial for your loved one. You can call me at 416-731-1958 or start by filling out the simple form below.

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